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"Much of the success I enjoy in law school today is thanks to the guidance and encouragement of Ben Cooper. During my junior year, Ben's Law School Admissions course and his own personal support preserved my hopes of pursuing a legal career. Not only did we cover the practical aspects of studying for the LSAT and preparing application materials, but he also emphasized the all-important question that so many pre-law students fail to really consider: "why do you want to go to law school?"

While pushing this self-reflection, Ben ensured we also remained informed about our choice of law school, breaking down the graduation and employment numbers of the schools we considered and giving us a very practical glimpse of our graduate school prospects without any sugar-coating or empty platitudes. This, I think, is Ben's greatest strength - he strives for his students to possess the greatest knowledge-base possible when considering their options to pursue law school, so that we then make the most informed and best decision possible for ourselves.

He was endlessly attentive and honest when discussing my application materials for Notre Dame Law, helping me time and time again to revise my personal statement and encouraging me to reflect on my own feelings on why I wanted to attend the university. Now reaching the end of my second semester, I have loved my time at NDLS so far and have no reservations in going forward for the next two years. I owe so much of my confidence and success to Ben's diligence. He respects and cares about his students enough to give them both the resources they need to succeed as well as the assurance that they've made the right choice. Law school applicants are in great hands with Ben Cooper."

- Gordon McCormack, Notre Dame Law School

"As a law school applicant, the application and admissions process can seem quite nuanced and overwhelming. Ben Cooper’s insight, guidance, and the direction he provided me during my law school admissions/application journey were hugely impactful. Ben’s expertise, support, and knowledge of the process and specifically pertaining to what law schools are looking for were crucial in helping me navigate the entire process from start to finish. Ben’s advice and guidance were instrumental in the crafting of an effective application, managing offers of admission and in selecting a school specific to my ambitions and future career goals. He not only provides guidance along each step of the application process but has extensive knowledge of law school admissions trends and careers in the legal field as well. From my personal experience, it is evident from Day 1 working with Ben that he has a sincere interest in seeing his clients accomplish their goals and truly cares about the success of each of his clients. He is always willing to answer any and all questions and spends considerable time providing individualized feedback specific to each client. I am immensely grateful for Ben’s support and guidance throughout the application process, and Ben remains an invaluable resource even following the admissions process. As such, I recommend PreLawPro to all pre-law students and law school applicants seeking assistance navigating the application process and/or interested in pursuing a legal career in general."

Rozita Hovhannisyan, Texas A & M University Law School