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Far too many high school and college graduates are entering the workforce with a lack of clarity about their career goals and without the professionals skills that were taken for granted in decades past.

What's worse, is that the lack of clarity leads to many students wasting money, unnecessarily on college majors that are ill suited to their career goals or interests.

You, and your student, have worked too hard for the chance to gain a college education, to squander it.

Make the most of the investment that is college.

Don't gamble on the future, invest in it!

High School - Career Guidance

Getting a college education is now MORE EXPENSIVE than ever before, but studies still show that those with a college degree earn more than those who don't.

What this means is that if your student goes to college, you want to make it count. You want the LARGEST RETURN on YOUR INVESTMENT and THEIR HARD WORK.

With the average college student changing their major six times!

It is easy for students to rack up tens, if not hundreds thousands of dollars in unnecessary debt while being no closer to the  professional, personal and financial independence you know they need.

Even at great high schools, guidance counsellors have to juggle 100's of students. What your student needs is personalized, focussed guidance.

Spare your student the years of aimless wandering.

Save time.  

Save money.  

Save effort.  

Give your student the gift of clarity and the tools to out perform their peers.

After two years of working under the cloud of a pandemic, help your student level up and make the most of their lives.

Let's find THEIR FIT, and get them to the start of tomorrow, today!

Career Explorer 

  • Explore a variety of  career paths - not limited to law
  • Academic success coaching
  • College guidance and career exploration
  • Professionalism and network coaching
  • Strong Interest Inventory Assessment and Interpretation with certified assessor. 
  • Get real career clarity BEFORE investing in college!

Mentoring & Professionalism Coaching

We all know, that being talented or hard working is not enough.

What sets so many successful people apart is that they have the so-called 'soft-skills' to leverage their talent and their hard work, into opportunity.

Opportunity doesn't actually knock.

It needs to be cultivated.

After more than 15 years of being in the legal profession and in higher education, I noticed that both young professionals and incoming college freshmen lacked a lot of the interpersonal and entry level professional skills that were taken for granted decades ago.

As a result, far too many squandered opportunities, or simply lacked the tools to leverage their talents to build meaningful professional relationships or networks.

I was the first person in my family to get a college education.

I had no professional mentors or guidance until I found my first mentor in my mid-twenties and that delay cost me.

It cost me time.

It cost me money.

It meant I missed out on on countless opportunities.

After I realized what I was missing, I began to cultivate a system that has allowed me to cultivate a real and meaningful network that taken me all over the world.

Even at the best high schools, your student won't get the kind of personalized, tailored guidance of a mentor.

Guidance counsellors, do a great job, but they cannot give your student the level of assistance, mentoring and guidance they really need.

At PreLawPro, we accept a very small number of students each year to insure they get the care, guidance and mentoring they need, but cannot get at school.

You've given your student the raw material, let us give them the tools to make it count!

Mentoring Package

  • Hands on, personalized 1 on 1 mentoring 
  • Academic success coaching
  • Regular meetings, as needed
  • Direct, personalized access to founder, Ben Cooper
  • Professionalism and network coaching
  • Strong Interest Inventory Assessment and Interpretation with certified assessor. 
  • Enter your college and professional career with the tools needed not only to succeed, but to excel into adulthood!

Pre-Law Mentoring
Start Your Journey Off With The Right Information & Advice

Considering a legal career, but still have questions?

In our Pre-Law Explorer package you will learn how to:

- Explore and understand what lawyers do;
- Appreciate the range of practice areas and work environments that exist, and which one might work for you;
- Make the most of college as you prepare for law school; and
- Ensure that you are the strongest applicant for law school

Pre-Law Explorer 

  • Explore the law, practice areas, and career paths
  • Academic performance and Pre-Law coaching for the aspiring attorneys
  • College guidance and career exploration
  • Explore additional career options, including national security and intelligence jobs
  • Mentoring and career coaching
  • Strong Interest Inventory Assessment and Interpretation with certified assessor.