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My name is Ben Cooper and I’m a former attorney who worked as a litigator in Australia and at an international firm in London's financial district, 'The Square Mile.' After leaving private practice I spent more than 5 years as the Pre-Law advisor at Baylor University, a Tier 1 research university in the Big 12.

I’ve also had the pleasure of hosting and appearing on career-focused podcasts, and teaching college classes on the legal profession, law school admissions, academic success, and networking. Working with tomorrow's lawyers and young professionals is my passion. As a first generation college student myself, my goal is help pass on some of the key skills and knowledge that was acquired through trial and error, and mentoring from incredible professionals from all over the globe!

As a law school applicant, you’re embarking on a stressful, difficult process – one that demands a massive investment of time, money and effort on your part. If not undertaken carefully, it's easy to end up at a school that leaves you saddled with debt and with very limited prospects in terms of passing the bar exam, and getting a job - as a lawyer.

After helping literally 100’s of applicants successfully apply to law school, I noticed a worrying trend. Many applicants were paying as much as $10,000 to work with consultants who either never went to law school, or spent more time as a law student  than in the practice of law.

That’s a problem.

If you wouldn’t ask a dentist how to become a pilot, or what it’s like to be one – why would it be any different with a legal career?

In a time of uncertainty, what you want is expertise and clarity. You don't want someone's 'best guess.'

I get it - I'd want the same thing. You care too much about your dreams for them to be left to the roll of the dice.

So, let's be really clear...
- Where you go to law school MATTERS.
- How much you pay and the return on that investment of time, energy and money, MATTERS.

The average student spends more than $160,000 for their law degree. Why spend that much money without getting help from an expert first?


 Getting you admitted to the right law school and at the right price is my passion - and helping the next generation of lawyers is my passion!

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